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Global Network Support Charity

Welcome to Global Network Support Charitable Trust

Global Networking to Help People & Planet

Welcome to the Global Network Support Charity website.

NOTE: While borders are closed due to COVID-19 our charitable activities will be in New Zealand only. To learn about our local work - click here

NOTE ALSO: The unique global fundraising strategy described on this page was due to get underway in 2020. Due to COVID-19 this is postponed until a suitable vaccine is found and borders are opened.

We’d like to encourage you to read the pages on this website to learn about our mission to help our planet and its people using an innovative, sustainable and timely fundraising strategy.

Our planet and its people are suffering!!
There is a growing concern for the many millions of desperate families living in extreme poverty in developing lands and the tens of millions of refugees and displaced people. There is also the echoing cry sounding out around the world for effective solutions to combat climate change.

As you read through the pages of this website you will learn about the fundraising strategy we will be using and how funds raised from it will help people living in extreme poverty and also help lessen the effects of climate change.

The fundraising strategy has been specifically designed to bring in billions of dollars that will see our charity operating largely as a donor-funder. There are many charities, organisations and movements worldwide, working on-the-ground trying to make things better for our planet and its people. While these have experienced teams with effective systems in place, there is never enough funding. Our charity would like to provide funds so these teams can continue in the important work they do.

The strategy is called the Global Loyalty-Rewards Fundraiser. As the name suggests it is a global fundraiser that uses a member-based loyalty-rewards program. Ready to launch in 2020, it will be the world’s first global fundraiser to help people and planet. Importantly, this fundraiser is sustainable, simple, does not financially burden households or businesses and it does not rely on government funding to succeed. When well underway, this fundraiser will see us distributing funds immediately to where they are needed.

We want people to get excited about the Global Loyalty-Rewards Fundraiser… click here to learn more about this global fundraiser and how you can play an important part in helping our planet and its people - and how you can do this without it being a financial hardship to you.

... click here to learn more about our charity