About Us

We are the Global Network Support Charitable Trust - a New Zealand registered charitable trust. Registered in 2015, we were originally called The New Zealand Network Charitable Trust - where our main work has been helping children living in low-income households and experiencing material hardship in New Zealand. While we will continue our work in New Zealand, we are now directing much of our work to giving help and relief to desperate families in developing lands that live in extreme poverty.

When our charity first started out, we soon learnt that with over 26,000 charities in our little country of New Zealand and limited funding resources available from grant funding organisations, we knew, it wasn’t going to be easy to fund our programs. Additionally, we were well aware that donor fatigue exists.

With thinking caps on it was clear that an alternative funding source needed to be found to help us fund our programs. Rather than rely solely on donations and grant funders, we knew we had to come up with something that could bring in significant funds without it being a financial hardship to families and businesses. We also knew it had to be scalable and sustainable to have real success. We are thrilled that after much research and development, we have a solution. This fundraising solution, as part of our charity’s fundraising campaign, is found in the operation of an innovative charity/social enterprise ‘loyalty’ fundraising strategy called the Global Loyalty-Rewards Fundraiser - to help our ‘Planet & People.' This is a program specifically designed to bring in significant funds for both our New Zealand programs as well as the work we have helping desperate families that live in extreme poverty in developing countries - click here to learn more about the Global Fundraising Loyalty Program
Please note: As a registered charity, we gratefully accept donations and issue tax receipts here in New Zealand. We are also thankful for the opportunities to receive grants from funding organisations.

The business model for the Global Loyalty-Rewards Fundraiser has been built using features from a number of globally successful business models.
We are all familiar with loyalty reward programs. Many millions of people all over the world are members of these programs.
But this loyalty program has a unique difference - and it is this difference that makes this program very special - because, unlike other loyalty programs, where most of the profits from the program go to the shareholders - the Global Loyalty-Rewards Fundraiser sees 90% of the profit going toward our carrying out our charitable works, which includes us donating funds on to other charities to help them continue in their charitable work helping families in extreme poverty - click here to see Sally diagram

It is important to know that the Global Loyalty-Rewards Fundraiser is a member-based fundraising operation - it is not a donation-based fundraising operation. To be clear, it is an alternative to giving a donation.

As a registered charity, we are not permitted to operate this fundraising program. Therefore, AIMS Supporter Services (AIMS), a fundraising support company (est 2010) and the social enterprise arm of this strategy, has been contracted by the Global Network Support Charitable Trust to operate the program and hand 90% of the profit to our charity. AIMS does not charge the charity for operating this program. AIMS has sole responsibility for operating this fundraising program. Our charity will help AIMS promote the Global Loyalty-Rewards Fundraiser. As a registered charity complete transparency and accountability will be provided in this area.

AIMS will receive member fees from those who want to participate in the loyalty program. After paying operating costs AIMS then donates 90% of the profit from each membership fee to our charity. The charity then uses those funds to carry out its charitable works, thus providing significant funds to charities and organisations working on-the-ground in developing lands as they help families living in extreme poverty and those that work to improve the health of the planet - click here to see Sally diagram
AIMS would like it to be known that of the remaining 10% of profit held by them, a minimum of 5% of this will be used by AIMS to offer a microfinance service, to help start-up social enterprise operations who are working in the same space as the charity.

There are hundreds of thousands of member-based organisations worldwide that require their members to pay a fee to belong to their organisation and to benefit from the service or product they offer. The Global Loyalty-Rewards Fundraiser is an innovative twist on this typical member-based operation - a twist, so as to benefit those most vulnerable in our society.

Our Supporters and Associates
AIMS Supporter Services
Bennett & Associates, Chartered Accountants
Council for International Development
Foundation North
Holzer Family Charitable Trust
Hui E! Community Aotearoa
Manaia PHO
Oxford Sports Trust
SkyCity Auckland Community Trust
Stand Children’s Services, Whangarei
Sustainable Business Network
Synergy Auckland University
The Trusts Community Foundation
U-GO Products

Note: This is our first website. We are working on the design of the much larger website, which will be needed to take the enormous multi-language traffic anticipated for our global work. Thank you for your patience.


The Board of Trustees

Angela Sothern
Founder of the Global Network Support Charitable Trust. Angela has a number of voluntary roles in support of the charity. She is the director of AIMS Supporter Services Limited, fundraising agency (est. 2010). Fundraising activities include the privilege of supporting Pike River 2010, the emergency helicopter service - N.E.S.T. as well as animal welfare and rescue operations. She is also the director of U-GO Products Limited (est. 2008) - a natural health manufacturing company.
Nadine Halliday
Community volunteer, wife and home-schooling mum. Prior to becoming a dedicated home-schooling mum, Nadine, as an animal lover, worked at an Auckland veterinary clinic as a trainee vet assistant and front desk receptionist. She is also a qualified dental assistant and has worked a managers role in retail.
Quentin Sothern
Quentin is a senior student at the New Zealand Correspondence School.
Very well aware of the hardships faced by many in his local community, Quentin involves himself, alongside his family in volunteer work to help those in need.
Robert J. Cipriano
Robert is the Founder/CEO The AllHumanity Group; CEO AllHumanity; Board at Montessori Model UN; Ambassador @Unify Earth;
Executive Director of AllHumanity Group.Org - Virtual Reality Consortium;
Robert has taken the lead in disaster relief, child advocacy projects, education, United Nations related/affiliated projects and humanitarian consortium team building. He is published in the Huffington Post and can be heard on Voices of AllHumanity.
Robert sits on the Advisory Boards of Love Our Children USA, Orphans First, Sustainability Management Association and others. He sits on the Board of Directors of the 501(c)3 Sustainability Management Association.
Robert is a regular speaker at the UN in New York speaking at the OCCAM: InfoPoverty World Conferences. He is one of the most respected humanitarian organizers in the world. His AllHumanity Network is a humanitarian social network and social platform exclusively for humanitarians. Robert continues to build international teams for complex humanitarian projects including technology integration into humanitarian sectors, humanitarian social platforms, and UN measuring and reporting on the SDGs. .
Saskia Verraes
Saskia is GM Responsible Management Tourism Holdings Limited. She lives the core value ‘doing the right thing’. The three constituting fields of managing responsibly are sustainability, responsibility and ethics. As a member of the wider Executive team she supports the global business in the following key areas: Sustainability and risk management; Ethics and principles of good corporate citizenship; Responsibility and good governance in delivery of strategic projects. She leads sustainability initiatives, working across all business units to support achievement of sustainability goals.
Saskia is also the co-Founder & CEO of M4A Foundation. A Visionary Social Entrepreneur; Problem-Solver; Transformational Leader, striving to address major social problems on a global scale, I co-founded, with a group of change leaders from the LEAD Program at Stanford Business School, located around the world, this platform to match volunteer skills and resources with needs across the globe.


Kevin Prime - Motatau