Q. Does the Global Network Support Charity work with other charities?
A. Yes, we are set up so that we can donate funds and resources to qualifying charities and organisations, thus enabling them to continue in their work. These organisations already have established systems and skilled people operating on the ground in developing lands. We are here to help fund the continuance of their work.

Q. Does the charity take donations and issue tax receipts?
A. Yes, all donations are gratefully accepted. We are able to issue a New Zealand receipt for tax purposes for all donations made in New Zealand $5 and over, with funds being used in New Zealand.

Q. Who operates the Global Loyalty-Rewards Fundraiser?
A. AIMS Supporter Services (AIMS), a fundraising support company (est 2010), has been contracted by the Global Network Support Charitable Trust to operate the Global Loyalty-Rewards Fundraiser program. AIMS does not charge the charity for operating this program. AIMS has sole responsibility for operating this program - and then donating a minimum of 90% of the profit (after tax) to our charity. Our charity is able to support AIMS to promote and enable the Global Loyalty-Rewards Fundraiser.

Q. Where does the money from the Global Loyalty-Rewards Fundraiser come from and where does it go to?
A. The Global Loyalty-Rewards Fundraiser is a member-based fundraising operation - it is not a donation-based fundraiser. AIMS receives member fees from those who join as members of the program. After paying operating costs AIMS then donates a minimum of 90% of the profit (after tax) to our charity. The charity then uses those funds to carry out its charitable works, donating funds to qualified charities and organisations working on-the-ground to carry out projects to help families living in extreme poverty in developing lands and those projects that work to improve the health of the planet.

Q. What does sustainable mean?
A. Sustainable means something that can be upheld and maintained at a suitable rate or level.

Q. What makes the Global Loyalty-Rewards Fundraiser sustainable?
A. Future success and maintenance of this program is ensured by developing a global directory of millions of Supporter Business, so Network Members can easily get their membership fee back through instant discounts and special offers from Supporter Businesses worldwide. Sustainability is achieved when members want to repeat their membership in subsequent years.