Our Charitable Work in New Zealand

Helping our Children in Need

Here in New Zealand many groups and organisations work extremely hard to make things better for children who miss out basic essential need items because they come from poor families.

The Global Network Support Charity has programs to help these children - and we’ll be concentrating mainly on improving the situation for children who attend low decile schools in New Zealand.

As funding allows we aim to help by providing...
Hot Lunches/Nutritional Supplements Programs:
Many countries provide school lunches for children. This does not happen in New Zealand. In fact, many children throughout New Zealand attend school with having very little or no breakfast. Many of these same children arrive at school without lunch or access to lunch for the day.
The Global Network Support Charity has the ‘Hot Lunches in Schools’ Program, for children in low decile 1-4 schools. Nutritional dietary supplements and a healthy snack to eat on the way home from school will also be provided. The program has been successfully trialled in Northland and once fully established in Northland will roll out to other districts as funding allows - click here to view video and click here for information on regions, student numbers and how the ‘Hot lunches in Schools’ Program will roll out.
Part-time work will be made available within the ‘Hot Lunches in Schools’ Program for people on low income.

Clothing/Footwear Needs:
This is a 'School-to-School' Support Project, which is part of the larger ‘Community Needs’ Project (see below).
Currently operating only in Northland, we look forward to working in other regions as soon as we possibly can. This initiative will see volunteers, contacting high decile schools in Whangarei/Northland, seeking donations of second hand clothing and footwear for children at low decile schools. Donated items are brought our charity office/warehouse in Winger Crescent, Kamo, where they will be sorted for delivery to low decile schools.
No-one likes being cold in winter. However, while most of us have the means to make ourselves warm and comfortable, many families on low income can’t. Owning things as simple as winter socks and shoes is not always simple for many families. In winter many children go to school with bare feet. Many don’t have warm clothing and many live in damp homes. Such problems can lead to medical conditions, that are often left unattended, because for many families there just isn’t enough money. The 'School-to-School' Support Project has been developed to help make winter more bearable for these children.

In-School Head Lice Removal Program:
Head lice is the biggest health issue across all decile 1-10 schools. As many families on low income cannot afford to purchase a store-bought head lice product, our charity's aim is to supply free U-GO LICE Natural Head Lice Expellent to low decile 1-4 schools throughout the country.
U-GO LICE is an easy and effective product, suitable for an in-school clinic program. This is because it is a leave-on product - just spray it on and leave. It does not need to be washed out and it does not need to be lice-combed - click here to view video and click here for more information

Glasses for Children:
If children are unable to see in class, their education may be compromised. The charity will work to ensure children needing prescription glasses receive them.

Tablet/Devices - Educational Supports: 
Where computers, laptops and tablets were a luxury 10 years ago, they are many who say they are vital to successful education. Many children are disadvantaged if their parents/care-givers cannot afford this technology. The charity wants to work with low decile schools to supply the appropriate technology to disadvantaged students.

Skin/Hygiene/Health Issues:
Some children lack good hygiene skills. This can lead to skin and health problems. Some children are susceptible to rheumatic fever, in particular Pacific Island and Maori children. The charity wants to help at-risk children and looks forward to providing health product kits to low decile 1-4 schools.

In-school ‘Good Health & Well-Being’ Programs:
To educate children on the importance of keeping good health for long term well-being. Includes activities and incentive programs.

The 'Community Needs' Project: 

The ‘Community Needs’ Project is an all year round project that involves receiving everyday items, new and second hand, that have been kindly donated by local families and businesses, for our charity to pass on to families that struggle the most in our communities.
Our charity is very pleased to have the help of health service providers, who, with confidentiality protocols in place, inform us which families need assistance and what they need. With that information we are able to collect together the items for delivery to their homes.
These items include beds, sheets, blankets, pillows, cots, towels, drawers, curtains, carpet, clothes, shoes, whiteware, furniture, toys and also non-perishable food items.

While organisations like the Salvation Army and Habitat for Humanity do a great work when they receive donated goods and sell them in their stores to raise funds toward their charitable works - there are many families who do not have the money to purchase at these stores and who are unlikely to have the transport and funds to travel to the stores and transport those items home.

In order to help these families we receive the donated items at our charity warehouse, sort them and deliver directly to the homes of these families.
These items are free to the families, as is the delivery to their homes. Our charity is here to help, with particular emphasis on helping the needs of children.
When some of the donated items we receive are not be suitable for placement in homes, we will trade these items and then use those funds to purchase need items. .

Our busiest time of the year is winter. This is when we operate the ‘Winter Needs’ Program.
We are all aware that many families will struggle to keep warm and well over the winter months - and that many children will get sick and end up in hospital.
In an effort to relieve stress and hopefully prevent hospitalization, our charity aims to receive and deliver many hundreds of items over the winter period. This, we hope, will go some way to helping families have a warmer and more comfortable winter.

As we deliver to their homes, we see relief in their faces. They are truly grateful for the help given and many are moved to tears when we tell them that it is our pleasure and joy to help them. They feel that we show them dignity and that we genuinely care about their situation - and that we are not there to judge them. 

We look forward to continuing to help these families and hope that this goes some way to provide relief from the daily struggle they face - click here for newspaper articles and updates


As a registered charity, we gratefully accept donations and issue tax receipts here in New Zealand. We are also thankful for the opportunities to receive grants from funding organisations.

With over 26,000 charities in New Zealand, funding and grant resources only go so far. Coupled with ‘donor fatigue,’ charities often find it difficult to raise funds to carry out their charitable works.

As part of our charity’s fundraising campaign, we have an innovative funding solution that we will be using. It is a unique charity/social enterprise fundraising strategy called the Global Loyalty-Rewards Fundraiser. This program operates to provide significant funds for us to carry out our charitable works here in New Zealand and also our global work to help the desperate families that live in extreme poverty in developing lands - click here to learn more about the Global Loyalty- Rewards Fundraiser

This is a global fundraiser using a ‘loyalty-rewards’ program. The business model for the global fundraiser has been designed using features from a number of globally successful businesses.

As a registered charity, we are not permitted to operate this business fundraising program ourselves - we can only receive profit from its operation. Therefore, the program will be operated by the contracted social enterprise/business arm of this initiative - our charity’s main sponsor - AIMS Supporter Services (AIMS) - click here for more information about this on our FAQs page


Responsibility of the Global Network Support Charity Responsibility of AIMS Supporter Services Limited
  • Hot Lunches/Nutritional Supplements Program
    • A Food Safety Program established and in practice with all parties
    • Liase with suppliers and other departments
    • Set a menu and communicate/co-ordinate food preparation
    • Co-ordinate volunteers
    • Establish and maintain procedures, hand-over and routes for safe and timely pick-up and delivery of lunches
  • Natural Head Lice Product in Schools Program
    • Liase with suppliers and freight companies
    • Receive, repack, warehouse and record keeping
    • Training and distribution to schools
  • Glasses for Children Program
    • Our aim is to ensure that children who need prescription glasses receive them
  • Tablets/Devices - Educational Supports
    • Liasing and consulting with low decile schools to find suitable technology solutions for their students
    • Sourcing and supplying this technology to low decile schools.
  • Skin/Hygiene/Health in Schools Program
    • Promoting awareness, funding and health product kits to low decile 1-4 schools
  • Clothing and Footwear 'School-to-School' Support Project
    • Communicating with high decile schools nationwide, in the hope of receiving regular donations of second hand clothing and footwear to go to children of low decile schools
    • Seek volunteer assistance
    • Negotiating freight and packaging needs with companies
    • Facilitate distribution of clothing and footwear
  • In-School ‘Good Health & Well-being’ Programs
    • To inform children of the importance of keeping good health for long term well-being
    • Include activities and incentive programs
  • Media
    • Staff to Media/Public relations
  • Administrative Works
    • Strategy/Logistics
    • Stock management
    • Liase/Coordinate
    • Facilitate distribution of clothing and footwear
  • ... and more
  • The Global Loyalty-Rewards Fundraiser
    • Public awareness and promotion
    • Process memberships
    • Send out membership packs
    • Maintain membership directory/database
    • Collect membership fees
    • Keep, maintain and file accurate records
  • 'Loyalty-Rewards'
    • Contact businesses, promote Supporter Business scheme
    • Create and maintain Supporter Business ads on the website
    • Maintain Supporter Business directory/database
  • Other Sales Promotions
    • Develop and facilitate future sales promotions to increase membership
      • Coming... Celebrity Incentive Project


If you would like to help fund our charity’s work, there are two ways you can do this…
1. Become a Network Member in the Global Loyalty-Rewards Fundraiser – to help ‘People & Planet’ - click here
2. We appreciate that some, especially businesses, prefer to give a donation. We gratefully accept these and issue a New Zealand receipt or invoice for tax purposes for all donations US$5 and over - click here to donate