Our Mission/Our Work

Our charity’s vision and mission, is to financially support families in extreme poverty in developing lands. We will also be providing funding to help the health of our planet. We’d like to encourage all families and businesses, worldwide, to participate in our Global Loyalty-Rewards Fundraiser - to help our ‘Planet & People.’ This program does not operate by taking donations. Rather, it is a member-based program. Members pay a fee toward our charity’s work and then as part of the ‘loyalty’ program, they can receive back their membership fee through discounts and special offers from businesses locally, overseas and online - click here for more information on the Global Fundraising Loyalty Program - and how it works

The business model used for this loyalty program has been designed using features from a number of globally successful business models.
As a registered charity we cannot operate this loyalty program - we can only receive the profit from its operation. The program must be operated by a separate legal entity. Our charity has therefore contracted AIMS Supporter Services (AIMS), the social enterprise/business arm of this initiative, who are responsible for the operation of the Global Loyalty-Rewards Fundraiser - click here for more information about this on our FAQs page

There are hundreds of millions of people all over the world who want to help desperate families that live in extreme poverty. These ones also want to see a healthier planet. However, many of these same families struggle themselves to look after the needs of their own families and cannot afford to give a donation. In their hearts they want to, but in practical terms - they simply can’t.
This is what makes the Global Loyalty-Rewards Fundraiser - to help our ‘Planet & People’ such a great idea - because it doesn’t financially burden people - rather, it financially benefits them.

When the Global Loyalty-Rewards Fundraiser is well supported globally by its members, we will see each year, many billions of dollars coming in. Our charity will then donate these funds toward the health of the planet and toward helping the many millions of desperate and vulnerable families, who live in extreme poverty in developing lands. These families will receive assistance from our charity which will help elevate them to positions that enable them to contribute effectively to society and that leads to them living happier, healthier, more dignified and fulfilling lives - click here to see the areas we will be funding in developing lands

The Global Loyalty-Rewards Fundraiser is at the heart of the larger Global Circular Support System, which encourages a collective effort, across all sectors of society - click here view the framework for the Global Circular Support System

Learn about the work our charity carries out in our homeland of New Zealand - click here

If you would like to help fund our charity’s work, there are two ways you can do this…
1. Become a member in the Global Loyalty-Rewards Fundraiser - to help our ‘Planet & People’ - click here
2. We appreciate that some, especially businesses, prefer to give a donation. We gratefully accept these and issue a New Zealand receipt or invoice for tax purposes for all donations US$5 and over - click here to donate