Supporter Business Expressions of Interest

The below is a list of businesses that have expressed interest in becoming Supporter Businesses of the Global Loyalty-Rewards Fundraiser. This is the first stage of bringing on board valued Supporter Businesses.
We will be building a multi-language website that will replace this one. When the new website is built we will contact businesses and invite them to upload their advertisement to the new site. Click here to view how a typical advertisement will look.

Supporter Businesses receive permanent, free standard advertising space on the Global Network Support Charity’s website (vetting/conditions apply) and agree to give “loyalty-rewards” in the form of instant discounts or special offers, to the funding members of the Global Loyalty-Rewards Fundraiser.

To add your business below please email with your business name and website address. We will acknowledge your email and add your business name to the list.

Supporter Businesses Expressions of Interest from: