About Us

We are the Global Network Support Charitable Trust, originally called The New Zealand Network Charitable Trust - click here for Certificate of Incorporation. We are a New Zealand registered charity (reg: CC51522)

As we continue with our charitable work in New Zealand, we look forward to a global work getting underway in 2020 to help bring relief to desperate people living in extreme poverty - and to help lessen the effects of climate change. We will carry out this work with the help of the Global Loyalty-Rewards Fundraiser - click here to learn how this innovative fundraiser will work (underway in 2020)
(Note: We have yet to build the larger multi-language website needed to take the traffic anticipated for our global work).

The Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees (in alphabetical order) is made up of men and women who identify with, are experienced in, or work across the charity’s local and global missions. The trustees understand their role and responsibility as individuals and as a body, being governed by its Trust Deed, and as a New Zealand registered charity (reg: CC51522), by Charity Services, an office of Internal Affairs, being a New Zealand government department).

Angela Sothern
Founder of the Global Network Support Charitable Trust. Angela has a number of voluntary roles in support of the charity. She is the director of AIMS Supporter Services Limited, fundraising agency (est. 2010). Fundraising activities include the privilege of supporting Pike River 2010, the emergency helicopter service - N.E.S.T. as well as animal welfare and rescue operations. She is also the director of U-GO Products Limited (est. 2008) - a natural health manufacturing company.
Hans Lak
Hans is part of an inspiring group of global thought leaders, for a better world. Richtopia named Hans as number 10 of 100 of the most influential people from multilateral organisations. He works hard to accelerating Sustainable Development and the Global Goals SDGs.
Hans objective is to empower and inspire thriving exponential change, support disruptive technologies to help solve the biggest challenges faced by humankind – and work to accelerate the results achievable by human curiosity, boldness and our ability to continuously imagine, create and accomplish greater things. www.globalgoals.org #Mission2030
Hans has many roles. This includes his work is with the Global Environmental Solutions Institute (GLESI.org); Permanent Future Lab - a movement in the sharing economy, where he initiates spaces where different kinds of people and organisations can find and share the newest technological innovations; V.P Strategic Partnerships (The Environment Community) - and is also the company founder of One Person Can Make A Difference.
Hans serves as an ambassador for TBLI Group, where as a networking professional he tries to give the world’s leaders on sustainability an opportunity to network, connect, collaborate, and exchange information on the latest developments.
Olumide Idowu
Olumide IDOWU is a young, energetic, and strategic leader who balances a practical view of competing development interests with a passion for environmental protection and conservation. His knowledge of environmental issues is broad and multi-faceted. What makes him stand out among his peers is his ability to effectively engage and interest a great cross-section of individuals in environmental issues by building solid relationships, writing articles, contributing to working groups, and leveraging social media platforms.
He is a resolute self-driven professional with nine years’ progressive experience in project management, business development, sales & marketing, campaign specialist, social media strategy, environmental sustainability, climate change, digital marketing & facilitation. he enjoys working at the intersection of corporate sectors, media, development, technology and entertainment. experience in working and managing teams with diverse multicultural/national backgrounds. given my dedication to development, I have been instrumental in the development of other business, sectors, companies, social change initiatives, serving as a volunteer, mentor and strategist.
Olumide’s goal is to be a distinguished management development consultant versed in corporate and campaign management, program development, learning facilitation, life skills training and organizational strategy.
Olumide’s current positions include:
Social Media & Student Recruitment Fellow at Creating IT Futures - Chicago
Global Environment Outlook - Youth Lead Author, UN Environment - Kenya
Country Manager at Scorecard – Nigeria
Communications Specialist at African Youth Initiative on Climate Change (AYICC) in 42 African Countries
Quentin Sothern
Quentin is a senior student at the New Zealand Correspondence School.
Very well aware of the hardships faced by many in his local community, Quentin involves himself, alongside his family in volunteer work to help those in need.
Robert J. Cipriano
Robert is the Founder/CEO The AllHumanity Group; CEO AllHumanity; Board at Montessori Model UN; Ambassador @Unify Earth;
Executive Director of AllHumanity Group.Org - Virtual Reality Consortium;
Robert has taken the lead in disaster relief, child advocacy projects, education, United Nations related/affiliated projects and humanitarian consortium team building. He is published in the Huffington Post and can be heard on Voices of AllHumanity.
Robert sits on the Advisory Boards of Love Our Children USA, Orphans First, Sustainability Management Association and others. He sits on the Board of Directors of the 501(c)3 Sustainability Management Association.
Robert is a regular speaker at the UN in New York speaking at the OCCAM: InfoPoverty World Conferences. He is one of the most respected humanitarian organizers in the world. His AllHumanity Network is a humanitarian social network and social platform exclusively for humanitarians. Robert continues to build international teams for complex humanitarian projects including technology integration into humanitarian sectors, humanitarian social platforms, and UN measuring and reporting on the SDGs.
Rose Keffas
Rose’s is a Special Advisor for OSSAP-SDGs - an organisation that presides over the activities and efforts of the Federal Government of Nigeria to meet the global development goals.
An SDGs Advocate in Nigeria, Rose’s career is in sustainable human development that involves working with marginalised populations to build capacity and resilience at the local, community, national and regional levels in order to empower people and address the root causes of poverty including inequality and social exclusion.
Rose is passionate about Mainstreaming and Domesticating the Sustainable Development Goals into National & Sub-National Development Plan.
Rose was previously a Principal Consultant for Team HR Services Ltd, a leading HR and Management Consultancy Firm, specialized in providing tailored Human Resource solutions in Nigeria and the UK.
Saskia Verraes
Saskia is GM Responsible Management Tourism Holdings Limited. She lives the core value ‘doing the right thing’. The three constituting fields of managing responsibly are sustainability, responsibility and ethics. As a member of the wider Executive team she supports the global business in the following key areas: Sustainability and risk management; Ethics and principles of good corporate citizenship; Responsibility and good governance in delivery of strategic projects. She leads sustainability initiatives, working across all business units to support achievement of sustainability goals.
Saskia is also the co-Founder & CEO of M4A Foundation. A Visionary Social Entrepreneur; Problem-Solver; Transformational Leader, striving to address major social problems on a global scale, I co-founded, with a group of change leaders from the LEAD Program at Stanford Business School, located around the world, this platform to match volunteer skills and resources with needs across the globe.



Our Supporters, Associates and Partners (in alphabetical order)
AIMS Supporter Services
Africa Science Diplomacy and Policy Network (ASDPN)
Bennett & Associates, Chartered Accountants
Foundation North
Holzer Family Charitable Trust
Hui E! Community Aotearoa
Manaia PHO
Stand Children’s Services, Whangarei
Sustainable Business Network
Synergy Auckland University
U-GO Products