Our Mission/Our Work

Our global activity, scheduled to get underway in 2020 is on hold until an effective vaccine for COVID-19 has been found and it is deemed safe to operate globally. We are continuing with our local charity work in our homeland of New Zealand only -
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Until it is safe to work globally may we encourage you to read the pages on this website and familiarise yourself with the solution and work we have planned to help our planet and its people. When safe and borders are open again please join us and become part of our global movement to help our planet and its people. Meanwhile, take care.

Our charity’s main mission going forward is to serve as a donor-funder, where we will provide significant funds to help bring relief to desperate people living in extreme poverty - and also funds to help lessen the effects of climate change.

This will be achieved through the service of an innovative global fundraising strategy, getting underway in 2020. Born from a unique social enterprise/charity partnership, this strategy uses a loyalty-rewards program, called the Global Loyalty-Rewards Fundraiser. When well underway this global fundraiser has been specifically designed to bring in billions of dollars to help our planet and its people - click here for more information on the Global Loyalty-Rewards Fundraiser - and how it works

There are people all over the world who want to help our planet and its people - but the reality is that donor fatigue exists and families struggle to look after the needs of their own families. While in their hearts they want to donate to worthy causes, in practical terms they simply can’t. Pleasingly, the Global Loyalty-Rewards Fundraiser, as a member-based fundraiser offers an alternative to giving a donation - and it doesn’t financially burden families. We believe this is what will make the Global Loyalty-Rewards Fundraiser successful - and prove revolutionary.

Our main work will see us helping many millions of desperate and vulnerable people who live in extreme poverty in developing lands. These families will receive assistance which will help elevate them to positions that enable them to contribute effectively to society and lead to them living happier, healthier, more dignified lives - click here to see the areas we will be funding in developing lands

We look forward to working with strategic partners who will help identify for us where the ‘need areas’ are. Then, as a donor-funder we will donate funds to qualifying charities and organisations working on-the-ground in these countries, so they can bring necessary aid to families.

A successful global fundraiser will also see us donating and investing funds in innovative clean energy solutions and infrastructure, to help lessen the effects of climate change - click here

Our charity is based in New Zealand.
Learn about our charity’s work in our homeland - click here

If you would like to help fund our charity’s work, there are two ways you can do this…
1. Become a member in the Global Loyalty-Rewards Fundraiser - to help People & Planet - click here to view membership options
2. We appreciate that some, especially businesses, prefer to give a donation. We gratefully accept these and issue a New Zealand receipt for tax purposes for all donations made in New Zealand $5 and over - click here to donate