Global Circular Support System

The below systems framework is not actually in place - rather it is to illustrate how a collective global effort, across all sectors of society, can contribute to a movement of money, to help bring relief to desperate people living in extreme poverty and inequality - and also help toward lessening the effects of climate change on our planet. In operation it will be able to help some of the most vulnerable and desperate people in the world be elevated to positions that enable them to contribute effectively to society and that leads to them living happier, healthier, dignified and fulfilling lives.


The Global Circular Support System (GCSS) - to help families in extreme poverty and planet health
The Global Network Support Charity would like to introduce this system-framework idea. It is one that can help bring funds to where they are needed most. (Please note: This is an idea only. It illustrates a pragmatic solution to help planet and people.)
At the heart of the GCSS is the Global Loyalty-Rewards Fundraiser. The idea would see a collective effort, worldwide, across all sectors of society, for the GCSS, so that billions of dollars regularly circulates worldwide, positively impacting on the lives of suffering people and the planet - as the above flow diagram and following points show:
- Government’s support to world financiers and business leaders
- World financiers and business leaders bring good prices to supply chains
- Supply chains then help by giving good prices to Supporter Businesses of the Global Loyalty-Rewards Fundraiser
- Supporter Businesses in turn give discounts or special offers (loyalty rewards) to the funding Network Members of the Global Loyalty-Rewards Fundraiser
- Network Members are the funders of the Global Loyalty-Rewards Fundraiser. These members pay a membership fee that helps the charity carry out its global work. Network Members receive ‘loyalty-rewards’ in the form of instant discounts or special offers from Supporter Businesses
- Economies are helped as funds are distributed in to communities from the Global Loyalty-Rewards Fundraiser

The Global Loyalty-Rewards Fundraiser is run by AIMS Supporter Services, the charity’s main sponsor. Successful global participation in the Global Loyalty-Rewards Fundraiser will result in billions of dollars being regularly donated to help families living in extreme poverty, inequality and for the health of the planet.

For further details of the Global Loyalty-Rewards Fundraiser please view the ‘Participate Now’ page on this website.

At the heart of the Global Circular Support System is a funding solution that can be instrumental in bringing in funds to help planet and people. This funding solution is found in the operation of an innovative charity/social enterprise initiative, called the Global Loyalty-Rewards Fundraiser. This is a global fundraiser using a ‘loyalty-rewards’ program. The business model for the global fundraiser has been designed using features from a number of globally successful businesses - click here for more information on the Global Loyalty-Rewards Fundraiser and how it works

The charity is not able to operate this fundraising program - we can only receive profit from its operation. Therefore, the program will be operated by the contracted social enterprise/business arm of this initiative - the charity’s main sponsor and partner - AIMS Supporter Services (AIMS) - click here for more information about this on our FAQs page

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